So we brought local business owner Ted Field into the Morning Hangover Live studio. We told him he was there to shoot a short commercial for Pert Shampoo. We had all of his lines on cue cards and told him the only rule on the Morning Hangover Live is the guest needed to make it all the way through the cue cards without stopping. Of course Ted knew something was going to happen, but he didn't know what!

We put him in front of out handy dandy canvas backdrop, I counted down from five and said, "Action!" and the commercial started. Now remember... this was shown live on the Morning Hangover. It is always our goal to get our guests wet and messy!

Ted's only direction was, no matter what happens, keep going. As you can see things started well.

But my assitant Jimmy was waiting behind the canvas and just as Ted was completing the first card he started pouring water on Ted's head. Soapy, sudsy water.

You can't have a good infomercial without demonstrating the product? Jimmy started squirting the shampoo right on the top of Ted's head. At first I don't think Ted felt it.

Then Ted reaches up and realizes there is a big glop of shampoo on his head.

The card reads "The host puts down the bottle and starts to shampoo his hair." So Ted dutifully puts down the bottle and starts shampooing, of course!
Time to rinse. The only problem is the water is very soapy, too. It is like putting shampoo on top of shampoo.
From head to foot Ted is one big soapy mess. This is fantastic.
Now comes the second rinse.
Ted continued reading the card.
And the prank doesn't end until he finishes.
Ted is thoroughly drenched and we have captured it all for the Morning Hangover Live audience.
It is at this point Ted comes to the last card. He picks up the bottle and closes the commercial.
At the end of the segment, I yell, "Cut!" Ted hands the bottle to my wife Jeanne. Soapy and wet, Ted was the butt of another great practical joke in the Year of Pranking Ted. Email me at for some funny behind the scenes shots. Thanks for visiting.